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LET ME SKIN ™ is a Korean beauty brand that was established by an esthetician whose main priority was to make professional-grade skin care accessible to the average consumer at the comfort of their homes . Before anything, the main priority of its founder was to take care of sensitive, reactive and irritated skin while moisturizing it. That is why all products have dual action. H20 LET ME SKIN ™ rubber masks are products looking at the most advanced technology and with a very unique cover. However, the brand is not only modern; the label themselves as an eco-friemdly brand that respects nature and the environment.

That'swhy all their products are 100% natural and are formulated based using a unique combination of botanical extracts. The H2O modeling masks come in three different models: the yellow and green capsule soothe the skin; the purple and pink capsule helps brighten up the skin tone, and the blue capsule deeply hydrates the skin. After its big success in Korea, you can now finally buy it in Europe at Korean Beauty Shop. Don't miss it out! 

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